About Cathy’s

Cathy is known to many as the person behind Circus Scene, a long standing and successful business providing entertainers for all kinds of outdoor events from street carnivals, fétès and fun days to smaller parties and corporate events. Circus Scene also provides circus workshops and team building activities for businesses.


In Cathy’s day to day running of events management and workshops she has become an expert in spotting and sourcing the vital tools of the trade: unique and interesting toys and activity props that encourage people to “give it a go" and master what would seem like an impossible skill.


In response to popular demand Cathy is now making these products available for anyone to buy from a new on-line shop,  shop.cathys.biz  Suitable for all children, adults and anyone involved in activity or circus workshops and therapeutic activities for elderly or sick people.


Toys and activities are hand-picked by Cathy herself because they encourage movement, learning and skills training. They engender a positive feeling of accomplishment, confidence-building, improve hand-eye coordination and help build and strengthen cognitive abilities, bones and muscles. Youngsters can bounce and balance on a Lolo Ball whilst the very elderly or infirm can spin a Chinese Spinning Cloth whist sitting in a chair.


Cathy's famous Spinning Plates are unique to the on-line shop, they're made in the UK to our specification and standard and are the undoubted favourite. The Jiter Ring is brand new and is a fun game of movement, sound and sight. There are Professional Juggling Balls (Thuds), Diabolos and other things to encourage and nurture an active imagination - and no touch-screen, power socket or phone costs to be seen!


We'll be adding more and more to the shop, so have a browse and come back again to see what's new.


If you need street entertainers, outdoor events or circus workshops, please visit circus-scene.co.uk


Cathy’s™ is a trading name of Circus Scene Ltd • Hunters Point • Hughes Green • Arborfield • RG2 9JF

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